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Sick Day

Have a clingy, sick child?

Desperately need to throw in a load of laundry thanks to that sick child?

Here’s Daddy’s quick solution:

Thank You, Wiggles

We’re on the road to her getting better! Thankfully, this trick worked like a charm and I was able to actually get some laundry going. It will be nice when we have our happy-go-lucky little one back.

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Valentine’s Day

David and I don’t typically do much for Valentine’s Day. In fact, if it weren’t for Facebook, there’s a chance we might even forget it *was* Valentine’s Day. :-)

My Valentine’s Flowers!

…So imagine my surprise when David walked through the door with these after work yesterday. It was so sweet! I absolutely love my husband.

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One Reason I’m Even More in Love

This is one of those memories I don’t want to forget – it’s one of the many reasons I fall more in love with David every day.

After a particularly long day, I was incredibly hungry and really needed to eat. Genevieve has been picky about her eating habits recently. If I sit down next to her, she wants to sit on my lap instead of in her high chair to eat. I don’t mind this – it’s actually really sweet (albeit messy), but it usually means that I’m not able to eat my food while it’s warm. Since I was eating eggs, I really didn’t want to wait to eat.

David told me I could eat across the room on our island (standing up was a definite plus when compared with eating cold eggs), and he sat and helped Genevieve eat. She happily sat in the high chair for him. :-) This wasn’t the only sweet thing he did, though. The two of them had a great time. With each bite, he told her what she was eating, and she would immediately chomp down on it. It wasn’t long before she started mimicking everything he was saying before taking a bite. Now she is able to say the words ‘meat,’ ‘pepper,’ ‘onion,’ and ‘rice’!! I was so excited! I had never thought about doing this with her, but I will definitely be continuing it. It’s the first time she’s actually eaten and enjoyed ‘peppers’ (bell peppers) without immediately pulling them out of her mouth, and I think it’s all because he started naming them and made them something neat for her.

I’m so incredibly proud of both of them. I have the best husband in the entire world and the sweetest little girl.

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Entertaining Herself

I brought stuff home from the store the other day just in time to make lunch. This is how she entertained herself while I was busy:


At least she was sweet enough to take all of it out of the bags for me!

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Painting Update

We’ve been doing a lot of painting the last few months, and I’m pretty excited about this latest one. Here’s what the bathroom looked like yesterday:

The gray/blue splotch was our test paint for the new color.

Looking in from the hallway. Seriously – red trim?? Ugh.

More paint splotches and horrible red trim.

Lots of red and lots of brown.

The previous owner seriously liked brown – she painted the majority of the house with it. I’m not against it or anything, but we’ve been surrounded by brown for a year now, and I am very excited to finally change big portions of it!

Here’s how the bathroom looked tonight:

The lamp is NOT there to stay. It was the only way we could see. :-)

THAT is the reason we needed the lamp. We took everything off the walls. I do mean everything.

No more red trim!!!

It’s going to look brighter once we get the real light fixture put in and pretty decorations on the walls, but we love the contrast between the color (called Sharkfin) and the bright white trim. Not that I have any clue what we’re going to put in there yet, but I’m determined that it will look pretty! Ha! We had just finished painting when I snapped these pictures, so that’s why it looks blotchy in places.

In addition to the red trim, I absolutely cannot figure out why the builders would make the light sit off-center from the sink. It’s so bad that it’s obvious there’s wasn’t a slight miscalculation (at least in person). Come on now – they’re totally messing with my symmetrical tendencies!

We love making the house our own. We’re slowly transforming it, bit by bit, and David and I work great as a team. I am so excited to include Genevieve in projects like this. She’ll love it!

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Hide-and-Seek Giggles

I caught Genevieve and Daddy playing after dinner yesterday. It was so cute! Warning: this video mainly consists of a bunch of giggling. I love the interaction between the two of them, though.

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Digging In

The other day I caught Genevieve digging in to the Bible for the first time. She seemed to like Psalms!

Digging In

…I just had to stop her before she started ripping into Scripture. :-)

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